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Fly to Corfu Greece

Flying to Corfu is the fastest way to ensure that you will start your holiday as soon as possible. Corfu has an airport that serves international, domestic and charter flights from international and Greek airports.The Corfu Airport is located only a few miles south of the capital city and it is a full service international airport which provides all of the necessary facilities and services . There's even local taxi and bus service to and from the airport.

Corfu Island International Airport:

Most of the international flights to Corfu Greece first arrive in Athens and then allow the connection to Corfu Island via Aegean Airlines and Olympic Airlines.

Aegean airlines:
Olympic airlines:

There are also many charters that operate all year round and connect directly Corfu to various cities of Europe. Low cost flights to corfu are also available by the popular low-cost air company Easy Jet that operates flights from European airports to Corfu.

Easy Jet:

(Note: when searching for flights to Corfu, the Airport is often called 'Kerkyra' or 'Kapodistrias' with flight code CFU.)


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