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Angelokastro Corfu

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Situated in the outskirts of Krini with a dominating position looking down on the resort of Paleokastritsa, Angelokastro Corfu is considered to be one of the most important Byzantine fortresses to be found in the whole of Greece. The engineering of its construction in such a forbidding location is remarkable in any standards, not to mention medieval. The fortress has now been renovated and you should definitely pay a visit to  Angelokastro Corfu even if it is only for the stunning views over the west coast of Corfu.

Due to the high altitude - about 300 meters above sea level – historically it has been the ideal spot to monitor the entire West Coast for hostile neighbours and pirates. During attacks the inhabitants of the local villages gathered within the walls of the fortress as there was enough room to hold them and their livestock and the nature of its location made attack almost impossible. During times of peace the area around Angelokastro Corfu  was used by the locals as an area for trade, commerce and worship.

Archaeological digs have discovered artifacts dating to the early Byzantine periods between the 5th and 7th centuries which show that it has always been an important feature in this area of Corfu. There are two churches within the fortress. The church of The Archangels Michael and Gabriel was built on the site of an earlier three-aisle church and Aghios Kirakis which was built by excavating into the rock. This cave-like church is decorated with 18th century frescoes. The remains of a cemetery have also been found where graves were carved out of the rock, although the graveyard has still not be placed in a specific time period.

Sensible footwear is required, because from the car park you have to go by foot. It will take at least one quarter of an hour climbing a very steep and rocky path before you reach the top, however once you catch your breath, you will be amply rewarded by the breathtaking panoramic views around you. There are some strategic points where you can look straight down to the beautiful clear blue water crashing against the rocks. It is truly amazing but definitely not for people with vertigo. Angelokastro Corfu is definitely an intense experience!




Angelokastro Paleokastritsa Corfu
Angelokastro Paleokastritsa Corfu
Angelokastro Paleokastritsa Corfu

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