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During your holidays in Corfu Greece you will have the opportunity to sample the famous traditional food of the island. Corfu’s cuisine is dominated by top quality local products such as meat, olive oil, vegetables and cheese, with a greater emphasis on seafood. There are many native culinary dishes available in Corfu, as well as the more generic sort of foods we now tend to associate with Greek cuisine, like souvlákia (lemon and herb grilled kebabs), tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip), melitzanososaláta (aubergine dip), Greek salad, mousaká (aubergine and potato bake), Keftédes(meat patties with herbs) and much more. All of these traditional dishes are delicious. In order to enjoy your food to the fullest, you should do it the greek way, by ordering an assortment of appetizers (mezédes), rather than individual main courses.

Corfu Greece also has its own speciality dishes that are rarely found in the rest of Greece. Bearing the influence of Italy, the Balkans, and England and based on the traditional ancient Greek cuisine, Corfiots cook masterpieces. More specifically you should definitely try the “bourdeto” (small fish in chili and tomato sauce), the “bianco” (cod in garlic sauce), and the “sofrito” (veal in parsley and garlic sauce), as well as the famous rooster “pastitsada” (in tomato sauce with spices and spaghetti). If you are in the mood for something sweet do not miss the opportunity to try the fig and spices pie “sikomaida”, or some home-baked, honey-dripping baklava. Last but not least, you should try the local wine and the Kumquat liqueur, which is one of the traditional products of Corfu.

One of the best restaurants in Corfu Greece, is Etrusco at the Kato Korakiana village. The Greek-Italian chef Ettore Bottrini, who is one of the most creative chefs in Greece, has accomplished to combine molecular gastronomy with the traditional Corfiot Cuisine. With dishes such as cubes of salmon and sea urchin soup, Etrusco Corfu is definitely a culinary adventure.

Although fine dining might be a wonderful experience, the true Greek experience is far from sophisticated. Locals usually prefer the places where the food is freshly cooked and plentiful, even if the setting or cuisine is not the fanciest. If you want to eat a traditional greek tavern, a good choice could be Taverna Stamatis, at the village of Agios Georgios (5km from Corfu town). The Tavern has been featured in many Magazines, Newspapers, TV Shows, both Greek and foreign, and it offers great simple traditional Corfiot cuisine, accompanied by the excellent wine that the tavern-owner makes himself.

Another very famous tavern is Taverna Tripas, which is located in the picturesque hilltop village of Kinopiastes (7 km from Corfu Town). This charming tavern has been in business since 1936 and it has had more than its share of famous visitors, including Antony Quinn and Jane Fonda. Enjoy their juicy spit-roasted lamb and wash it down with the excellent house wine, while the live music and the local dancers gives you a taste of original Corfu Greece. The atmosphere is friendly and the service fast and attentive.

Last but not least, the fish taverns in Petriti village and Gouvia are a culinary experience you should not miss. They are famous for offering the best fresh fish and seafood in Corfu at reasonable prices, so you should definitely reserve on day for visiting them.

Our only advice is for you to be adventurous and bold in your food choices in Corfu Greece, and without a doubt you will be rewarded! Enjoy the wonderful Corfu restaurants!      



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