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Approximately 2 centuries ago, an impressive building complex was built in Corfu Greece, the famous Liston. This complex was meant to become a landmark of the island and a symbol of the aristocratic society of Old Corfu,  and it still remains the most cosmopolitan spot of the island.

A walk in the Old town of Corfu always starts or ends at the Liston. A plethora of coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants is housed under the big arcs next to Spianada square, attracting both locals and visitors. Liston Corfu was named after the fact that, when the island was run by aristocrats, there was a special List, and only people whose names were included on that List were allowed to walk there.

Constructed in 1807 during French rule, it was designed as a copy in miniature of the rue de Rivoli in Paris and, like its namesake, buzzes day and night with local people meeting friends, reading newspapers, chattering on phones or simply having a coffee. Follow their example and relax like a true Corfiot! Your drink will cost more than elsewhere in town, but it is worth it for the atmosphere.



Liston Corfu
Liston Corfu
Liston Corfu
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